ItSoc Theatre Project Auditions Day 1-2

Our theatre project is starting again! For the third consecutive year the Italian Society, in collaboration with Roman actor and director Ludovico Nolfi, will be staging a play at the end of Lent term, and we are looking for a cast and crew: actors, musicians, sound and lighting technicians, costume and make up artists, on stage and behind the scenes!
2016 will mark the 80th anniversary of novelist and playwright Luigi Pirandello‘s death, so it is only appropriate that we should stage one of his plays this year. “L’uomo, la bestia e la virtù” is famous for satirising the ridiculous hypocrisy of bourgeois “respectability”, and has been staged numerous times both in Italy and abroad. We are now hoping to bring it to Cambridge!
The auditions will take place at Robinson College on November 4th and 6th, from 6pm to 9pm. They are open to everyone, regardless of experience. Actors will be asked to read some lines from the play and improvise a short scene (in Italian!). If you want to be involved in the play in some other way, the director will be happy to have a chat with you; feel free to bring anything you feel is relevant (e.g. a short musical piece, drawings, or just your experience!). The room has a piano if you need it. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have any experience though, the auditions really are open to everyone and in the past two years we managed to do amazing things with absolute beginners!
Rehearsals will be once a week in Michaelmas, starting from November 10th. Do come along for the auditions, it’s a great way of making friends and getting involved with the Italian community!

ItSoc Theatre Project
ItSoc Theatre Project