Italia Lunare: An evening with Dr Fabio Camilletti

Apparently, writers Fruttero and Lucentini were used to say that a flying saucer could not land in Lucca. Same applies to ghosts and vampires, and to haunted castles and uncanny portraits – that is to say, to the whole repertoire of the Gothic, a genre born in Britain and later exported to France and Germany, from the influence of which, however, Italy seems to remain overall isolated. Still – is it really so? The first Italian edition of Fantasmagoriana, the 1812 anthology of ghost stories inspiring Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, will be the opportunity for exploring the ‘dark’ and nocturnal side of Italy, together with the editor and translator of the book, Fabio Camilletti (Associate professor in Italian literature at the University of Warwick).

The event will be £2 for non-members and free for members.

Venue: Keynes Hall, King’s College

Time Friday 20th November at 20:00