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As a no-profit organisation with the goal to offer a wide range of personal development opportunities for our members; we would be very grateful if you could support us by:

• covering some of the costs of our society and/or
• sharing our projects & events with your network
• offering your expertise through a talk, workshop, panel

An example of a conference that was recently organised thanks to the kind support of our sponsors was the Science & The Public in Italy conference (More information here). The Science & The Public in Italy conference focused on how we can use scientific research to improve policy-making processes in Italy, featuring researchers and public policy experts from Italy and the UK.
In exchange for your support, we can offer you access to our community of members, which includes students, researchers and professionals from Italy and elsewhere. The majority works in the STEM field.

Notably, many students have written and spoken to us regarding their interest in maintaining a connection to Italy and learning more about professional and academic opportunities in Italy. Our events also attract Italian Language & Literature students from the Cambridge University Modern and Medieval Languages Department who need to spend a part of their degree abroad as a compulsory part of their studies.

More specifically our contributions would consist of:

•organisation of a presentation of your company in Cambridge
•distribution of print materials regarding your organisation
•sharing information regarding your organisation’s initiatives and/or recruitment on our social media and mailing list
depending on the type of support offered and your specific needs.

Donate here

Best wishes,
CUIT Committee