Nailya Shamgunova (University of Cambridge), Barry Colfer (University of Cambridge), Jacopo Gamba (CGIL): A Generation Doomed to Impoverishment, St. John’s College, Palmerston Room (with the Cambridge University European Society)

The CU Italian Society, the CU European Society and Pandora – Rivista di teoria e politica, would like to invite you to this panel discussion on the current situation of the youth that, for the first time, are poorer than the previous generation(s). Join us for a discussion on the social and economic policies of the European countries in the past 20/30 years, the trap of hyper-specialisation and unemployment and the role of trade unions in the present time.
Our panelists will be:

  • Nailya Shamgunova; University of Cambridge
  • Jacopo Gamba; CGIL Milano
  • Barry Colfer; University of Cambridge