President – Clelia Furlan

I am currently a second year undergraduate Philosophy student. I am familiar with both the environment of the University and the Cambridge Italian community: I have been actively involved with the Italian society for the past two years and am currently its publicity officer. I am passionate about promoting Italian culture throughout the University and about creating an active and interesting environment for Italians and Italiano-philes alike!

My plan for next year is to maintain a regular calendar of events that will allow us to engage with each other in a friendly and relaxed setting: cineforums, socials, and conversation nights for those who wish to improve their conversation skills or just have a friendly chat with like-minded people. I also want to keep collaborating with actor and director Ludovico Nolfi in the context of our well-established theatre project, which has and will continue to bring together artists of different nationalities in an impressive creative effort aimed at staging plays by the great Italian playwrights.

At the same time, I plan to broaden the scope of the Society’s activities by inviting a number of guest speakers who will illustrate their point of view on Italian politics, literature, culture, and more, and by creating a network of Societies both within and outside the University. My aim is to give a lively, interesting, and multi-faceted perspective on Italy and to promote dialogue between Italians and those who wish to learn more about our country.

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