Colpi di maschera – Compagnia Teatrale Tiberio Fiorilli

A tribute to the Commedia dell’Arte, modernized and revisited.

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Join us for an enchanting evening immersed in the world of “Commedia dell’arte” on May 13th, at 8:30 PM. Hosted at the Main Lecture Theatre, Old Divinity School, St. John’s College.

The event will be held in Italian.

The Compagnia Teatrale Tiberio Fiorilli was formed back in 1978. From its beginning, it distinguished itself as a successful “touring” company at a national level. Amongst its most popular productions are Moravia’s Gli Indifferenti, in collaboration with Rome’s Teatro Belli, and Ecce Favola, in collaboration with famed author Italo Calvino. The Compagnia received recognition as a “stable prose company” from the Ministry of Performing Arts, a prestigious imprimatur exclusively granted to esteemed professional companies.

Arlecchino and Brighella are preparing an important dinner in Colombina’s inn. The guests unexpectedly arrive too early. In an effort to entertain them, they decide to stage a show with a Shakespearean semblance. A usurper has killed his brother, the king, and imprisoned the queen. Brighella and Arlecchino, aided by Pantalone and the ghost of the late king, have the task of freeing her and saving the kingdom.

The 60-minute wait for dinner will be enlivened by a metatheatrical story that mixes the most typical elements of the Commedia dell’Arte and traditional theatre with elements of pop culture.

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