I giganti della montagna – 1st, 2nd March 2024

by Luigi Pirandello.

The Cambridge University Italian Society announces the tenth edition of its yearly theatre production, once again under the direction of Ludovico Nolfi, head of Ars in Fieri theatre company. This year the diverse cast of forty native and non-native Italian speakers will stage I Giganti della Montagna (The Mountain Giants) by Luigi Pirandello, performed in Italian, with English captions.

Dates, Venue and Tickets

Tickets are available at: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/cambridgeuniversityitaliansociety/1101063

  • Friday 1st March, 7pm
  • Saturday 2nd March, 4pm
  • Saturday 2nd March, 7pm

Palmerston Room, Fisher Building, St. John’s College
St Johns St, CB2 1TP, Cambridge


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of I Giganti della Montagna, the unfinished theatrical masterpiece from the Trilogy of Myths. This whimsical comedy unfolds in an old abandoned theatre at the Villa of the Scalogna, where the Teatranti (the Theatricals), a penniless theatre troupe, meet the Scalognati (the Unfortunates), a group of strange ghosts led by the magician Cotrone. These magical souls have the power to bring dreams to life and transform the place into an enchanted setting, offering the actors a stage for the arrival of the Mountain Giants, mythical beings who embody the spasmodic development of humanity. In this dreamlike landscape, Pirandello explores the magical and liberating nature of art, and confronts the danger of the loss of beauty in a world increasingly caught up in the frenzy of production. In a thin boundary between reality and fantasy, the Teatranti and the Scalognati confront each other on utopia and on the need of every human being to seek naturalness, poetry and beauty in everyday life.

Le anime quando s’incontrano, hanno un loro particolare modo d’intendersi, d’entrare in intimità tra loro, mentre le nostre persone, quando si rapportano con gli altri, spesso sono impacciate nell’uso delle parole, e cadono imbrigliate nella schiavitù delle esigenze sociali.
Souls, when they meet, have their own particular way of understanding each other, of entering into intimacy with each other, whereas our personas, when they relate to others, are often clumsy in their use of words, and fall into the bondage of social demands.
Luigi Pirandello

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