Così è (se vi pare) – Right you are (if you think so)

by Luigi Pirandello

Three odd characters have just moved to a small town of the Sicilian province: Mr Ponza, his wife, who never leaves the house, and her mother, Mrs Frola. Soon enough, at the house of Consiglier Agazzi, Mr Ponza’s boss, family, friends and neighbours are meeting to gossip about the new arrivals. Everyone wants to know who the mysterious wife is, determined to uncover the great secret she hides.

In a constant turn of exhilarating and tragic events, Luigi Pirandello (winner of the 1934 Nobel Prize for Literature) leads us to believe a version of the story and its opposite soon after, kindling our inborn desire to know and be involved in the business of others.

When the great Sicilian playwright finished the play in 1917, he wrote: “I’m really pleased with it! I think it’s more of a parable than a comedy… still, a devilish act!”


  • Fri 28th February 2020
    Sat 29th February 2020
    at St John’s College, Cambridge, CB2
  • Sat 29th February 2019
    at Palmerston Room, Fisher Building,
    St John’s College, Cambridge, CB2


Sig.ra Frola – Camilla Colombo
Lamberto – Joned Sarwar
Sig.ra Ponza – Giada Proietto
Agazzi – Alessandro Celona
Amalia – Clelia Attanasio
Dina – Silvia Giannini
Carlo – Alexandros Constantinou
Lucy – Elizabeth Donnelly
Rosa – Lucrezia Baldo
Prefetto – Guido Paoluzi
Commissario – Francesco Marzella
Fausto – Manfredi Alberti
Chorus of Neighbours
Richard Cook
Maurizio Gentile Patti
Johanna Heywood
Sabrina Hogan
Valeria Lopes
Elise Marquez
Nina Purton