2020 Annual Giulio Regeni Memorial Lecture

A lecture in memory of Giulio Regeni (1988-2016).
The lecture will be delivered in English.

Venue: Lecture Block Room 3, Sidgwick Site

Details: To honour the memory of Giulio Regeni 4 years after his kidnap and murder in Cairo, the Cambridge University Italian Society (in collaboration with Cambridge University Amnesty International) is proud to announce the institution of an annual Giulio Regeni Memorial Lecture on a topic of Middle Eastern politics (Giulio’s specialism).
For this first edition, Dr Faiz Sheikh (POLIS Dept. – University of Cambridge) will deliver a lecture on the following topic: ‘Hot air or hot topic: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation in contemporary politics’

Abstract: The attempts of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to represent the ummah (global Muslim community) have not borne fruit because of the diffuse nature of the core of the organisation’s unifying feature, Islam. It will be shown how the different member states of the OIC all deploy ummah in different ways, even when coming together for a common cause. The event is free and open to all.