The image of Italian culture in the UK after WWII: Talk by Dr Fabio Ferrarini

For our last event of term, we are very pleased to welcome Dr Fabio Ferrarini from the University of Milan, who will give a talk on the image of Italian culture in the UK after WWII. Below is an abstract of the talk.

After the Second World War, the image of Italian culture was seriously damaged by the consequences of fascist propaganda and the strong influence of nationalism. At that time, Italy had to change its cultural image abroad. Who and what kept Italian culture alive in the UK? Universities, cultural associations, intellectuals? What was still considered Italian? And why? In some cases, there was even a revival that turned the relationships back to the pre-fascist time. What was the British audience asking for? What could be read, for example, in the British libraries? Who were the most important authors? And why? Was there any censored and/or forbidden literature? Our goal will be to understand how and why Italy decided to invest many resources to promote a new instrument of diplomacy: cultural cooperation.

The event will be free for members of the Society and £2 for non-members. We hope to see you soon!

When: Thursday 3rd March at 18:00

Where: Keynes Hall, King’s College