Term Card Lent 2016

“Coll’anno nuovo, il caso incomincerà a trattar bene voi e me e tutti gli altri, e si principierà la vita felice. Non è vero?” (Giacomo Leopardi)

Happy new year to all our CUITSoc members and Italo-philes! We hope you’ve had a great Christmas and well-deserved break. With the new year, we’d like to invite you to endeavour a journey in time (and in space) through some of the most thrilling and unique aspects of our culture. This term we have a plethora of events, ranging from highlights of Italian art masterpieces to plays and opera. For the more adventurous people, we will have a swap with another cultural society!

We hope to see many of you this term throughout our events!

Here is a pdf copy of the Lent Termcard 2016